Indoor Arenas & Schools

  • Designed and built to your unique specification/requirements.
  • Steel framed buildings offering excellent durability and plenty of cladding options.
  • Full turnkey packages available but are happy to work alongside your existing ground-works and surfacing contractors.
  • Range of exterior finishes available.
  • Kick and / or canter boards offered in a variety of materials and colours.
  • Planning assistance where required – please involve us early in the process.
  • Optional extras available including lighting, mirrors, galleries, sound systems, solar panels and rainwater harvesting.

Our indoor arenas are built to create light, airy and modern riding environments. Sizes according to your budget and or use.

The first stage of planning is to make sure you’re clear about the use of your indoor riding school.  This will often determine your size requirements and impact on your required budget.

Please do involve us early in your project planning.  A standard dressage arena would usually be 20m x 40m, or sometimes 20m x 60m.  If you tend to do more show jumping you may want to go larger than the dressage standard.  Consider location and orientation with due attention for overhead wires, underground services or any other restrictions that will affect construction.

We can assist with Planning applications and we recommend you contact your Local Planning Authority (LPA) early on in the process to address any concerns they may have.

Design and construction materials will be dependent on planning conditions and/or personal preference.  We recommend fibre cement roof sheets, with a range of options for side sheeting. For the arena surface the options are fairly extensive in this area, but it is usually decided by personal choice.

Optional extras to consider are viewing galleries, cafes, lighting, mirrors, sound systems, solar panels and rain harvesting.  We have designed and built indoor arenas, please see our case studies and gallery for more information.

Case Studies