Ramus & Sons

''Planning Decision Helped in the End.' Extracted from The South East Farmer magazine, November 2012

Scorpion Engineering was chosen to put up a new grain store for the C.M. Ramus and Sons partnership in East Sussex because the firm had done such a good job on other buildings. “We spoke to someone else who had a grain store built by Scorpion,” said Charles Ramus, who is in the partnership. “They had another building put up by someone else, and the thing that really swayed us was them saying they wish that Scorpion had done the second building. They might have been a bit more expensive, but it would have been a good job.”

Scorpion employed Rural Partners, who are specialists and experienced in planning, to obtain the necessary planning permission for the partnership, which was done by negotiation after the local authority decided it did not want the store to go slightly further up the yard where the Ramus’ wanted it. “The decision probably helped because it cleared up a bit of the site which needed some money spent on it and the drainage sorting out, so it has probably worked in our favour.” Wheat is currently in the store, which includes a drive over, floor drying system. “We were going to have just a plain concrete floor and then we thought that as we were spending a lot of money, it wasn’t that much more to put in a proper driveover drying floor in,” Mr Ramus explained.

“Pedestals and ducts can hold the corn and keep air circulating through it whereas this can actually dry it.” Rye Harbour – just three miles away – is used to export some of the wheat and rape, and there are plans to expand the facilities. “We tend to try to grow crops which will suit that sort of market,” Mr Ramus said. “We still grow Solstice winter wheat because it suits the farm and has always grown a good crop.”